My bass teacher, Anthony Bevivino

Probably my first gig.  North End of Springfield, MA about 1970 Italian Street band

Giuffre 4 in Nurmberg 1984ish.  Pete Levin, Me, Randy Kaye, Jimmy Giuffre

Glamourous touring

Wonderful bass flute player

Me and Jimmy

RBY Studio, Connecticut Juanita Giuffre, Jimmy, Evan Jones' back, Jack Jones, Randy Kaye 

all our recordings were done here Real 2" tape and the first 2 on vinyl!

Pete Levin on da bus

Alan Dawson at a recording session in Rhode Island for Gerry Beaudoin

Alan Dawson, Jaki and Roy and Me at Scullers (Great Folks!)

My John Stycklunas custom travel bass at Fort Napoleon festival in France

Jon Damian trio at Rose art museum


Jon Damian and his rubber tellie

Matt Wilson long ago

Recording Big Wolf Band at Brandeis

Top of the Hub Band Bob Tamagni, Me, Phil Grenadier, Joe Mulholland, Maggie Galloway 2005 ish

Dave Tronzo recording set up

Tronzo listening

Phil Grenadier and Jon Hazilla at Chris Rival's studio in North Reading, MA

Chris Rival

Phil Grenadier

Me and the Prez of Czech Republic Vaclav Klaus, a Jazz fan!

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