Little Big Band

This Little Big Band was formed on a dare. I dared myself to do it.
It was a “what have you got to lose?” proposition and the only thing I could lose was money. Musicians should be paid, and having a band of 10 is much more expensive than a trio, which is what I was working with previously. But “what do I have to gain?” was a much more interesting question for me. The answer to that was that I could get 9 of my good friends together, who happen to be among the best players anywhere, and hang out and play music that I have written for them, and have a couple of beers and tell a few stories.
The first band I had was a quintet called “Wolf Soup”, after a piece I wrote for Jimmy Giuffre's quartet. It was recorded in the early 80’s by Jimmy. The Wolf Soup band featured a diversity of musical styles and flavors. “Wolf Soup’s ...good for you, based on unexpected choices, a merging of diverse flavors and tastes...from Charlie Haden to Sidney Bechet: that’s the kind of soup we’re in.” said Kevin Whitehead.
This Little Big Band is a doubling of the first group because I was hearing a bigger palette. Hopefully you will notice that no two players sound alike. They are all individuals, which of course, is what Jazz is all about. I consider myself very lucky to have a band of individuals who are friends and are willing to give up so much of their valuable time to play my music.

Bon Appetit!
Bob Nieske

Hey Guys! Quit talking and play!

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