Maestro Anthony Bevivino, my bass teacher.
My First Gig, 1969ish
Giuffre 4 Nurnberg late 80's
Glamorous Touring.

Randy Kaye and Jimmy

At the Jazzkeller, Hamburg 1989
Me and Jimmy somewhere somewhen.
RBY Studio, Connecticut

Juanita Giuffre, Jimmy, Evan Jones' back

Jack Jones, Randy Kaye

all our recordings were done here

Real 2" tape and the first 2 on vinyl!

Pete Levin on the bus


Alan Dawson at a Boston Jazz Ensemble

recording session in RI.

Alan Dawson, Jackie Cain and Roy Kral, Me,

at Scullers.

Playing my bass made by John Stycklunas

at the Fort Napoleon Festival in France

Jon Damian trio at the Rose Art Museum

Damian, Me, Ralph Rosen

Damian + Rubber Tellie at the Rose Museum
Matt Wilson in the day.
My Little Big Band recording a cd that may




Top of the Hub Band

Bob Tamagni, Me, Phil Grenadier,

Joe Mulholland, Maggie Galloway 2005ish

Dave Tronzo's setup for our Nieske 4

recording which is




Tronzo listens...


John Hazilla and Phil Grenadier

at Chris Rival's studio in North Reading, MA

Chris Rival at his board.
Phil Grenadier
Me and Prez.

Vaclav Klaus of Czech Republic

He's a jazz fan!