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Tony Carelli

This Little Big Band was formed on a dare. I dared myself to do it.
It was a “what have you got to lose?” proposition and the only thing I could lose was money. Musicians should be paid, and having a band of 10 is much more expensive than a trio, which is what I was working with previously. But “what do I have to gain?” was a much more interesting question for me. The answer to that was that I could get 9 of my good friends together, who happen to be among the best players anywhere, and hang out and play music that I have written for them, and have a couple of beers and tell a few stories.
The first band I had was a quintet called “Wolf Soup”, after a piece I wrote for Jimmy Giuffre's quartet. It was recorded in the early 80’s by Jimmy. The Wolf Soup band featured a diversity of musical styles and flavors. “Wolf Soup’s ...good for you, based on unexpected choices, a merging of diverse flavors and tastes...from Charlie Haden to Sidney Bechet: that’s the kind of soup we’re in.” said Kevin Whitehead.
This Little Big Band is a doubling of the first group because I was hearing a bigger palette. Hopefully you will notice that no two players sound alike. They are all individuals, which of course, is what Jazz is all about. I consider myself very lucky to have a band of individuals who are friends and are willing to give up so much of their valuable time to play my music.

Bon Appetit!
Bob Nieske

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Hey Guys! Quit talking and play!